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Alan Moberg Biography

Alan Moberg, the “Saltwater Cowboy”.

Alan Moberg was born in 1941 in Pender Harbour, BC.  His Dad was a logger who became a fisherman that same year.  At 82 he is two years into his ninth decade on these shores. 

His mother was a city girl who became an up coast wife and mom.  She learned to slice frozen bait in Fitzhugh Sound, shoot a marauding mink who was killing their chickens,  and raise two kids largely on her own as her husband was away fishing for up to five months of the year.   

The first word Alan spoke was "boat."  As a toddler, he could tell whose boat it was before it came around the point by the sound of its engine.  He migrated with his mother to Rivers Inlet for the fishing season in 1945.   And for three more years with his mom and younger sister Lynda, from 1950 through 1952, he deep sea trolled with his dad in summers from the age of eleven.   And later seined both salmon and herring on bigger boats. 

At age 22, he returned to fishing with his father to make up for the sea legs and abilities he lacked as a youngster.  His dad would say that this more mature Alan was the best man he ever had on the boat. 

Recently, John Lugsdin of the Salt Spring Sailing Club said that "Alan is one of the few people who remembers the BC Coast as it once was" and invited him to play a concert for the Club’s members.   Alan told stories and sang songs of his beloved West Coast.  It was a smashing success.  The folks loved it. 

His work has been featured on both TV and radio across Canada, and he is a member of the BC Country Music Hall of Fame, and winner of 3 BCCMA awards.

His greatest reward comes from the people who have continued to love his music across these many decades.

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